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The Basics of Fine Woodworking

Start Date:   May 31, 2021                                  
Tuition and Materials: $1,590  
  This spring and summer, in an attempt to lure people away from the cottage and the golf course and into a woodworking class, we are offering a specially priced two week course consisting of our Excellence With Hand Tools and Mastering Machinery Classes. Combined, you might think of them as “The Basics of Fine Woodworking”. Each course normally costs $930, or $1,860 for the pair. At $1,590 for both classes, we hope to entice you to call Mary Anne and register, regardless of how nice it may be outside this summer. (and yes, we do have air conditioning!).  
Pre-requisite: None

Hand tools you’ll be using:

 Complete tool kits are available for student use free of charge, but attendees are encouraged to bring any of the tools listed below that they already own. We suggest however, that you do not go out and buy new tools until AFTER attending the class.

- #4 smoothing or #5 jack plane                                        - marking gauge                                      
- adjustable mouth block plane                                           - measuring tape 
- shoulder plane                                                                - .5 mm mechanical pencil 
- 12" combination square                                                   - carpenter's pencil
- 1000 and 6000 grit water stones                                      - small chisel hammer 
-  honing guide and camber roller                                       - set of bevel edge chisels     
- 2" engineer's square                                                        - sliding bevel gauge  
- sharpie marker                                                                - dovetail saw
- chip carving knife                                                             - card scraper
- burnisher                                                                        - 10" mill file
- large slot screwdriver                                                       - notebook                        

Please be aware that safety glasses are required for all courses. Hearing protection is also recommended.

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