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It Starts with a Box with Tom Fidgen

Start Date:  May 9, 2016 (6 Days Monday thru Saturday)

Tuition: $1,050 CDN plus HST     
Materials: not to exceed $100 in domestic hardwood    

 Canadian musician, woodworker, blogger and teacher Tom Fidgen is the author of Made by Hand and the Unplugged Woodshop, and we are delighted to have him again join us at Rosewood for his hand tool intensive “It Starts With a Box”, May 9 - May 14, 2016.

Tom writes:

   90% of wooden projects share the fundamental skills involved in basic box making, so I think that this is a great hand tool only, six-day class. Students start with a plank of dimensioned wood (no more than 10 board feet), and proceed to lay out and build their own unique “boxes” - in this case, a small wall hung cabinet similar to the one in Made By Hand.
    During this class, students will learn the skills of creating a full size drawing, assembling a cut list, choosing grain direction and how to lay out their components in order to wrap grain around the carcase for continuity. We’ll cut dovetails for carcase joinery, and rabbets and grooves to create frame and panel doors and backs. Once the carcases are complete, we'll look at hanging doors using either butt or leaf hinges, and cover the techniques used in cutting traditional half blind dovetailed drawers.
  This class has lots to offer woodworkers of a wide range of skill levels, from those just beginning to the more advanced looking to improve their hand tool skills.



  Tool list:

  The following is a list of tools Tom suggests students will be using during the week. Attendees are encouraged to bring along any of the following hand tools they have, sharpened and ready to put to work. Rosewood offers the use of student tool kits that contain most of the items listed below for those who do not have a full kit of their own.
Layout Tools-
measuring tape
12 to 24" metal rule
8 to 12" engineers/combination square
scribing knife
marking gauge
dovetail gauge and/or sliding bevel gauge
small layout square
set of dividers

Dimensioning Tools-
Rip and cross-cut panel saws
Jointing and/or Jack plane
Smoothing and block planes

Joinery Tools-
Joinery Tools-
Rabbet and/or plow plane

Shoulder plane

set of chisels


dovetail saw

carcass saw

fret saw

sharpening equipment




  Pre-requisite:  none
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