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Chair Making & Design with Garrett Hack

  Date: June 24, 2019
  Tuition: $1,125 Cdn plus HST
  Materials: Poplar will be available at current market cost or you are welcome to bring your own for mock ups.


    Garrett writes:


   Chairs are enough of a challenge that many woodworkers avoid building them. So let's be honest, a week class isn’t long enough to complete a chair, at least not one you would be happy with. But we can explore many aspects of making chairs such as comfort, elegance, and strength. 
   Your work will be drawing, making parts, and cutting joints for your own prototype chair. My goal is to teach you the necessary skills so that you understand how to go about designing an attractive and comfortable chair, draw it full scale and use that drawing to produce patterns and shape parts, and then engineer and cut durable joints to join it all together.  I want you to know which materials to use, critical dimensions and angles, about steam bending and laminating to make extra strong curved parts, and even about making a seat frame for upholstery. I’ll bring along a started chair and use it to illustrate some of these important ideas.
  Please bring to the class ideas for a chair you would like to build. Some scale sketches would be enough. Take the time to explore chairs that appeal to you and measure them. Emphasis will be on modern chairs, and more specifically dining or desk chairs.




        Recommended Pre-requisites: Excellence With Hand Tools and Mastering Machinery or equivalent. This program requires that students have the ability to sharpen and use basic hand tools and safely mill material to dimension with machinery.
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