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When West Meets East with Vic Tesolin

  Date: July 8, 2019  (5 Days Monday thru Friday)
  Tuition: $930 CDN plus HST
  Materials Fee:  $90 CDN



  There is really nothing as gratifying as making your own woodworking tools. Making tools used to be part of a woodworker's life but it happens less often in these modern times. Join Vic Tesolin for a five-day course on making your own tools.

  It all starts with making a smoothing plane that you pull instead of push. Vic has developed this design by combining the function of a Japanese plane, and blending the construction styles of both a Krenovian plane with an old English plane. The result is a plane that is relatively easy to make and a joy to use.

  While the glue dries on your plane, Vic will then take you through the construction of a wooden plane adjusting hammer. Made from strong hardwood, this mallet is perfect for adjusting the blade as well as setting the wedge.

  Then you will focus on making a planing board that will compliment your new plane perfectly. It can be used for smoothing, flattening, shooting and cutting joinery. Vic will also guide you through the sharpening and use of your new plane. Finally, you will finish off the class with the construction of a Dovetail box perfect for storing your new plane. You will learn valuable tips and tricks on how to cut these joints efficiently and effectively. You’ll also have a chance to give your freshly made plane a workout. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to make your own tools and increase your hand tool skills.





  Recommended Pre-requisites: Excellence With Hand Tools and Mastering Machinery or equivalent. This program requires that students have the ability to sharpen and use basic hand tools and safely mill material to dimension with machinery.
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