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Studio Veneering Techniques

Tuition and Materials: $1,010 Cdn  
 Veneering opens many doors to creativity in fine woodworking. It allows precise control over patterns – the opportunity to organize contrasting woods in stunning displays of color and line. It also provides design options unavailable with the use of solid wood. In this program we will explore the use of both shop sawn and commercial veneers.  
 Shop Sawn Veneer: Sawing your own veneer allows the craftsman to take a wonderful plank and maximize the use of that unique wood and grain pattern. Using veneering in general allows for construction without web frames, thus making construction simple and more stable than that of solid wood. The panels we create essentially have no wood movement, opening up design opportunities that would be impossible in solid wood. You will learn how to saw veneers on the band saw, thickness the veneer, joint the veneers for seamless joints, select banding material, select and prepare core materials, use a vacuum press, and what adhesives are used. These veneers can be used both for flat panels, and in curved applications.  
 Commercial Veneer: One reality in woodworking is that almost all of the finest logs end up as commercial veneers. We will explore how to select and prepare core materials, cut and joint veneers both by hand and by machine, edge band panels, trim veneers, choose appropriate adhesives and make complex patterns including a 4-way book match and starburst patterns. We will discuss applications of commercial veneering in terms of curved parts, building up structures with multiple veneers, using bending ply and veneer cross banding.  



           loading veneer into a mechanical press


  veneered box by Adrian Ferrazzutti  

 Students will have an opportunity to create panels to perfect their techniques with both shop sawn and commercial veneers.  
Pre-requisites: Excellence With Hand Tools and Mastering Machinery or equilalent. Please see our note on pre-requisites.  
Required Tool List    
    - Adjustable mouth block plane    
    - Tape measure    
    - 0.5 mm mechanical pencil    
    - 12-inch combination square    
    - Safety glasses and hearing protection    
    - Shop knife (utility knife with retractable blades)    
    - Smoothing or jointer plane for shooting veneers    
    - Blue painters tape    
    - Sharpening stones    
    - Exacto knife #10    
    - scrapers    
    - Veneer saw    
Please be aware that safety glasses are required for all courses. Hearing protection is also recommended.   
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