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Cabinet Curiosities with Garrett Hack

          Instructor: Garrett Hack
  Date: May 28, 2018 (5 Days)
  Tuition: $1,125.00 (plus HST)
  Materials: Students will need about 10 board feet of basswood, butternut or other easily worked material to build a small cabinet. Students may bring their own material or purchase lumber here at current market prices. Contact the school for further details.



Cabinet by Garrett Hack


Inside of Garrett's Cabinet


        In Garrett's Words ....

    A small cabinet is an ideal place to learn a highly efficient construction system I often use for solid wood cases and chests of any size. It is based on the sliding dovetail, a very strong joint cut quickly and accurately with a router. A useful cabinet is a great project for other construction aspects, from how you develop a design, though to attaching shelves and paneled backs, making and attaching moldings, corner details, building and hinging doors, and if we have time, how to add a drawer or two.

    We will work partly by machine and partly by hand, maximizing the efficiency of both. Emphasis will be on hand skills, using many planes, chisels and other hand tools to size, smooth, shape, and fit parts. Working by hand is a way to impart intriguing details to your work, from subtle surfaces to unique molding shapes. It also is a path to developing a personal style and greater confidence working wood.

Garrett Hack's Tool List

         Pre-requisites: Excellence With Hand Tools and Mastering Machinery or equivalent. This program requires that students have the ability to sharpen and use basic hand tools and safely mill material to dimension with machinery.
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