Rosewood Studio School of Fine Woodworking; Tools, Courses, Workshops and Instruction


  Robert Walker...

  I completed the five day ‘Excellence with Hand Tools’ course so that I could gain the foundational knowledge and skills that I need to succeed in my furniture making projects. This course exceeded my expectations, due in large part to Ron Barter’s exceptional teaching skills, the topics covered and the learning environment that Ron created. I have read articles and watched many online videos covering topics such as preparing and using hand planes, how to sharpen and tune them, how to effectively use chisels, etc.  However, it does not match the immersive learning experience that one gets at Rosewood, with the hands on instruction under the mentorship of an experienced craftsman, on the various hand tools, the practice and instant feedback.  

  For me, it was also a great opportunity to learn about and try out the various tools before making additional investments for my small workshop. This course was definitely worth my time and investment and I am much more confident now to take on more challenging projects. 

  A sincere thank you to Ron, Mary Anne and my fellow students for such an enjoyable experience at Rosewood Studio. I look forward to taking other courses in the future to add to my knowledge and skills.

Robert Walker
Ottawa, ON

  Susan Aitken...

   I enjoyed the Excellence with Hand Tools course so much that it's hard to pick out just a few of the highlights. I was a bit nervous to start because I had no experience working with wood. I wondered if the course might be too advanced for a beginner. But it was so well organized and the teacher so experienced that I very soon forgot about this. Ron is an exceptional teacher and so knowledgeable about the craft of fine woodworking. He didn't just give us a process to apply but explained the rationale for everything and shared many stories about this history of this craft and how the tools we used have developed over the years. The mix of hands on, teaching, demonstration and discussion are perfect. Ron or Jim are always ready to answer questions and offer encouragement and, together with Mary Anne, they create an atmosphere that fosters collaborative learning. They are always on hand to answer questions and there is lots of hands-on time to practice the woodworking and tool skills. Jim has a real knack for giving a word of encouragement or advice at just the right moment. I really appreciated that we didn't only learn how to use the tools but also how they work, their history and how to maintain them and keep them sharp. I started the course with little experience working with wood and finished it having made a dovetail corner after just one week. Ron also gave us many resources to continue exploring and learning and went out of his way to learn each of our interests so that he could give us additional suggestions and resources specific to them.

Susan Aitken
Perth, ON

  Stuart Clow...

   Rosewood Studio offers a unique understanding in the art of woodworking. I completed the 12 week course in April 2019 and I am amazed at how much new knowledge I came away with.
  The student to instructor ratio was excellent and every question, which I had a lot of, was answered fully and with timeless patience. There is no substitute for an excellent teacher and Ron demonstrated that he is one of the best. From beginner to experienced, I absolutely recommend this school of fine woodworking to anyone interested.

Stuart Clow

Kingston, ON


  Denilson Defaria...    

  The 12 week craftsmanship course with Ron was a master class in fine woodworking. The course is well structured and caters to students at different levels of woodworking.
  Ron was very patient with his students, teaching the proper methodology and technique for every tool. He was very supportive and turned any mistake into a learning opportunity. This course definitely brought me to the next level in fine woodworking.

Denilson Defaria

Hamilton, ON


  Jeff Poston...

   Is it worth it - definitely! I’ve attended various one day/half-day workshops organized by local retailers and the Rosewood course is better value. This is largely due to Ron’s excellent teaching skills and attention to detail. The Mastering Machinery course teaches you all the small print about tuning and set-up that is in the operation manual that many of us don’t understand or ignore. I feel much more confident using machinery as a result of the course.

Jeff Poston

Manotick, ON


  Brian Chapman ...

   I'm retired aeronautical engineer and have been working with wood for many years.  Until taking the Basics of Fine Woodworking course I was totally self-taught.  As an experienced woodworker I was concerned that this course would be too basic for my needs.  I had an opportunity to talk to Ron about the course and he convinced me to give it a try.  I am glad that I did.

   My first goal was to learn the proper way to use my hand tools.  I found that the techniques that I was using were not bad, but Ron showed me some things that will definitely improve my techniques.  One important improvement was how to set and use a smoothing plane to get a finish ready surface on a board.  Up to now I have not used smoothing planes much and have relied on sand paper.  I'm not sure that I am ready to give up sandpaper entirely, but I can see the value of both.

   My second goal was to learn how to cut decent dovetails.  I have tried several different methods to cut dovetails, but seldom achieved a joint that I was happy with.  Ron demonstrated his method, which was not all that different from the method that feels most natural to me.  There were just a couple little things that he showed me that really made a difference.  I cut a couple of dovetails in class that were big improvements and since returning home have cut several more, each better than the last.  I am starting to believe that I can cut dovetails that I will be satisfied with.

   My wish list item was to get information about making and using shooting boards.  It is hard to believe that I have been working with wood for so long without using a shooting board, but it is true.  I was surprised to learn that the principal project to come from the course was a shooting board!  What a stroke of luck!  I have used my new board to square up the ends of my dovetail practice boards.  That is surely why I am having such success cutting dovetails.

   Overall I would say that much of what Ron taught us in the course I had already learned by experience.  However, Ron provided a lot of information that filled in gaps in my knowledge.  My advise to anyone who is wondering whether or not to take this course is that, no matter what you know, there is always something more to learn.  I am very glad that I took the course.

   Finally, there was an unexpected benefit of taking this course:  I met and got to know 9 great people (7 classmates plus Ron and Mary Anne).  I don't think this phenomenon is unique.  This alone was worth the time and treasure necessary to take this course.  If you have any doubts about taking a course at the Rosewood Studio, cast them aside and go for it.


Brian Chapman

Inverness IL


  Matt Pisciotta ...  
  My experience at Rosewood was unbelievable, you dont realize how little you know about something until your in the presence of a group of people who know everything you could imagine. I took the 6 week Craftsman course and was skeptical that there would be enough material to fill the time but couldn't have been more wrong. Our instructor Ron kept us moving nonstop continuously presenting new materials and explaining everything from the differences in wood types, planes, hand tools, machinery, shop safety, and even walked us through the ins and outs of starting our own shop or business. The ability to problem solve and help us correct our mistakes on the spot no matter how drastic they were gives you hope that any obstacle in your home shop can be overcome.
  The knowledge possessed by the faculty was truly astonishing and the atmosphere was fun and welcoming you couldn't ask for nicer people. I emphatically give Rosewood a 5 star rating and believe anyone serious about expanding there knowledge in furniture making should take a class.
  I look forward to rejoining you again in the future. 

Matt Pisciotta
Phoenixville PA

  Alyaa Ashraf ...    

   My experience at Rosewood studio exceeded my expectations. The best thing I found about this school is that the instructor teaches the reasoning and methodology behind the techniques used and all its possible alternatives, which helped me fully grasp the concepts of “making” allowing for a strong understanding of design possibilities and limitations. 

Toronto, ON


  Jaime Thomas ...

   Rosewood Studio is the most worthwhile investment into education that I have made.  Ron is an experienced woodworker that is able to teach to a variety of backgrounds and skill levels.  The bench, machinery and included hand tool kits are top notch, and Ron is always willing to provide guidance on additional projects or ideas.  Jim and Mary Anne are helpful and welcoming, and often took the time to show an interest in our progress on projects.  My time there was the most consistently challenging, interesting, and enjoyable three months in recent memory.



  Dan Herman ...


  If you've ever wanted to try your hand at woodworking and didn't know where to begin, then you really must consider Rosewood Studio's 'Excellence With Hand Tools'.  This course is all about the hands-on experience and is designed to have you wielding a mallet and chisel from the get go.  

  I had the very good fortune to have former Rosewood graduate, Vic Tesolin, as my instructor and his blend of skill, humour and encouragement made this course a great foundation as I move forward in woodworking.  Also, Rosewood uses first rate tools and this course is also meant to give you a feel for quality hand tools and what can be accomplished when you put them to good use.  Do yourself a favour and come to Rosewood.


Lieutenant Commander Dan Herman

Royal Canadian Navy

Halifax, Nova Scotia



  Alexander Duszczyszyn ...  
     When first arriving at Rosewood I was nervous due to the fact that I didn't have much experience in fine woodworking. Within the first few weeks of my 12 week program I was amazed how much I was learning and what I was capable of with the proper instructions. Ron is a great instructor and was able to cater to all different skill levels.
  I would highly recommend Rosewood to anyone looking at getting into fine woodworking as a career or as a hobby. I'm looking forward to taking more courses in the future.
Thanks for the great experience Ron and Mary Anne

Guelph, ON



  Sean McCutcheon ...
  Greetings Ron,
  This to thank you, once again, for the hand-tools course. It was helpful, informative, and well paced: there was the right amount time for me to learn each process, to put it into practice, to correct my inevitable mistakes and to achieve a satisfactory result.  
Good work.
Montreal QC


  Brennan Shim ...  
   Attending Rosewood Studio was a life altering experience. After 10 years of amateur woodworking I decided to expand my education.
   The 12-week craftsman program provided me with a range of understanding in the field of furniture making, from grain direction to padding shellac. Ron willingly shared his extensive knowledge in an engaging and challenging way.
   I was fortunate enough to share the class room and shop with a great group of students. My expectations were exceeded and I would strongly recommend any course that Rosewood has to offer to anyone with the slightest interest in woodworking.

Markham, ON



  Derek Roach ...  
      The Rosewood experience is fantastic. I think the best way I can tell you how valuable this training was for me is to say this: I initially signed up for the 6 week craftsman course.  I was so impressed with Ron and the school that before the end of the first week of classes I knew I had to find the resources to stay for the full 12 week craftsman course. 
   The skills I learned over those three months were invaluable and have really improved the quality of my work as a custom furniture maker. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Ottawa, ON



  Rob Shier ...  

      I attended the 12 week  Craftsman program after considering many other offerings in North America, and whether the money involved may be better spend on tools and machinery.  After 12 weeks at Rosewood, I can say unequivocally that this program was the right choice.
   The projects in the course incorporated so many different elements of design, use of tools and materials, and techniques that have left me confident in having a good foundational practical knowledge and skill in working with wood.
   Ron was extremely generous with sharing his knowledge and the use of the equipment at Rosewood, even for projects not directly related to the pieces that were part of the curriculum.  We were all comfortable proceeding at a pace that worked for us. The end result of the projects we completed far exceeded my expectations.
   And the facilities and equipment were great.  The shop and classroom provide good separation of sound and dust. We were instructed in all machine use and maintenance, and everything was kept in tune for our use.
   I’m looking forward to furthering my woodworking experience based on my time at Rosewood, and look forward to additional workshops and sessions that are offered in the future.

Thanks Ron and Mary Anne for an exceptional experience.
Toronto, ON




  Dan Westrup ...
   I had reservations whether I would get enough out of the week to make it worthwhile as I have quite a bit of experience with working wood.
   I did however perfect a lot of the things that I struggle with, and since I did have a good background, I was relaxed and able focus more on perfecting, vs learning from scratch. Ron is an excellent teacher, his knowledge and ability to share it is excellent, and the lectures were very good.
   The tool kits, work benches, and work area were fantastic, I really appreciated all the natural light. My experience was very good, I really enjoyed my week.
Osgoode, ON


  Paul Cartwright ...  

   I had my first experience at Rosewood in May taking the one-week hand tools course. I learned so much and loved it so much that I enrolled in the 3 month course in the Fall. I was not disappointed. The curriculum was varied, immediately applicable, fascinating, and extremely well delivered. My expectations were easily surpassed.
   Ron is not only broadly experienced and educated, he is a craftsman with the highest of personal and professional standards. Add to these attributes a sense for aesthetic beauty, for harmony and balance, a respect for tradition and a mind open to exploration beyond the traditional in art and design and you get a teacher/artist capable of delivering an educational experience of the highest order.

Thanks Ron and Mary Anne

Paul Cartwright
Aurora, ON




  Emmanuel Adams ...
   My time spent at the Rosewood Studio was a fantastic experience. I learned more there in one week than I did trying to teach myself from books the entire year before. Being out in Perth offered the perfect atmosphere and the small class size and individual focus meant that all our needs, questions or issues were met quickly and in a personal nature. Ron's explanations and personal analogies were both helpful as well as entertaining and helped to maintain the collegial atmosphere. As a novice I felt that the classes ran at good pace for me to absorb the information as well as have enough hands on practice time to truly understand each technique.
   It was a truly valuable experience and I look forward to my next course.

Toronto, ON


  Sebastian Hutchings ...
   My time at Rosewood was most rewarding. Coming in with only very basic wood working experience, Ron guided me through the entire process of using hand tools and machinery to build furniture. Over the course of the 12 week program, I gained the understanding and confidence to continue that work at home. Ron's knowledge of woodworking is exhaustive and he freely shares that with his students, attending to their questions and problems. This is a wonderful school.

   Thanks so much. I will keep in touch!

Banff, AB



  Colin Geddes ...

  I really felt that the course helped me fill in the important gaps in my knowledge that I couldn’t get from reading articles or watching videos on my own.
   Ron is a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor and gave me a lot of insight into how to do a lot of “basic" things that I could not have learned on my own. My time at Rosewood will save me a great deal of time and frustration down the road. I anticipate fewer hair pulling and fewer mistakes in my future woodworking projects. I’m more comfortable and adept at using my tools now and I’ll feel far more confident about my ability to buy, maintain and use hand tools in the future.
   Overall, I had a great time at Rosewood and feel that I learned a lot. I also enjoyed the camaraderie with my fellow students. I look forward to staying in touch with them via email and going on joint lumber runs with the ones who live in Toronto.   

Toronto, ON



  Daniel Crouch ...  

  My 12 weeks in Rosewood was a great experience. I was able to go from knowing pretty much nothing to feeling fairly confident in tackling a wide range of the most important and basic woodworking problems.
  We were always encouraged to aim for the highest degree of perfection and as a result I now have a few pieces of furniture that I can feel very satisfied with and hold on to and cherish for many years. It was somewhat surprising to see oneself achieve such results in such a short amount of time.
  Ron was extremely knowledgeable in the subject and always willing to answer questions. Guest instructor, Adrian Ferrazzutti, joined us for a  week of veneering; a fun week and an interesting change of pace. Mary Anne was always there to say hello and willing to help in any way she could.

Thanks a lot, Daniel
Cumberland, Maine




  Charles Robineau ...

  My first exposure to Rosewood Studios was the Excellence with Hand Tools course in September 2013. I had an interest in cedar strip kayak and canoe building and I wanted to learn to safely and effectively use woodworking tools and machinery.  Interests, not unlike most experiences, take unexpected and circuitous paths which, if followed, lead to great rewards.  For me, the Excellence with Hand Tools course was one such experience that exceeded my expectations and greatly altered my understanding of working with wood. It's difficult to explain with precision but I can say learning to maintain, preserve and use hand tools has fueled a desire to continue the journey and branch into other areas of woodworking as well as boat building.  
   Self deprecating, intelligent and more importantly, humourous Ron Barter is an outstanding craftsman and gifted teacher. He uses his coaching skills to adjust to the student's learning style and comfort level. I was struck by his ability to detect, through seemingly imperceptible sounds, that tools were being used incorrectly. 
   The Mastering Machinery course was equally enjoyable for pretty much the same reasons I mentioned above. I learned more in one week than I would have with years of exposure to on-line tutorials, manuals, books and hard knocks. Moreover, Ron's instruction dispelled many myths and concepts propagated overtime by well intentioned and ill informed sources.
   Ron, Mary Anne, thank you so much for the great experience.

Ottawa, ON



  Stephen Belliveau ...  

   I arrived at Rosewood with a college education in carpentry and millwork. My goal was to improve my handtool skills, focusing particularly on tuning, setting up and using bench planes. I did not leave disappointed.
   Ron’s approach to teaching – lecture - demonstration – practice made it easy to put theory into practice, and ample time was built into the schedule to allow a high degree of success. I will not hesitate to take other courses with Rosewood Studio.

Almonte, ON




  Patrick Driscoll ...  



   Just completed the course Excellence With Hand Tools and it was awesome!   The course met the objectives I had set for myself prior to taking the course.  I would highly recommend the school to anyone wanting to learn how to work with wood.  Ron is a master craftsman and a master instructor.  His presentations are logical, easy to comprehend and each session builds the foundation for the next session.  He is very patient and most adept at taking a complicated subject and making it understandable.  His partner Mary Anne is so efficient at running the business part of the school; she is also a delight to work with.  Ron and Mary Anne, great job!!!!!

Rio Rancho, NM





  Neale Borutskie ...  

   Prior to taking Excellence With Hand Tools I had no experience with woodworking hand tools, but it’s something I've wanted to pursue. Ron is an excellent teacher and I feel like I have come away with the solid foundation of knowledge I need to pursue my goals in woodworking. The people taking the workshop were at various levels of woodworking skills, but Ron was able to keep all of us challenged throughout the week, learning and working at our own pace. I never felt too intimidated to ask questions, regardless of my level of experience, and was able to make the most of my time as a result. Moving forward, I feel like I have gained the knowledge, techniques and understanding to pursue my woodworking goals. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in working with handtools.

Toronto, ON





  Douglas McWhirter ...    




   Recently I had the opportunity to participate in Rosewood Studio’s course “Excellence with Hand Tools”. I had some initial reservations about the course since I had many years’ experience in woodworking and was concerned that it might be a repetition of my previous experience. A phone conversation with Ron Barter, the owner and principal instructor, convinced me that I would encounter sufficient challenges to make the course worth my while. The course was exactly as Ron had described – challenging and enlightening. He led us through exercises in tuning our handtools, precision planing and the challenge of cutting presentable dovetail joints. Ron’s expertise, enthusiasm and teaching skills made it a memorable week and left us with new skills and improved techniques. The calories that we burned during each day were more than replenished in the various excellent restaurants in the delightful town of Perth.

Toronto, ON






  Brian McIntosh ...  

     I have been a hobby woodworker since my teens, but I didn't have the skills to accomplish in reality what I could imagine on paper or in my mind. I had tools, but they were frustrating because I didn't really use them properly. I was busy with my career, and had little time to improve my woodworking skills.
   Finally, in 2011, I had the time to really concentrate on woodworking. As a matter of fact, I had decided to make it my second career.
   Over the past three years, I have had the pleasure of attending a total of 12 weeks of classes at Rosewood Studio. I have learned an enormous amount. I can now use my tools properly and achieve what I imagine. My planes and chisels are razor sharp, and that makes such a huge difference! I have learned many techniques, and how and when to implement them. Things like hand-cut dovetails, mortise and tenon joints, decorative inlays, tapered and curved legs, fine veneer work, bent laminates, and fine finishes are all a part of my everyday work, because I have learned them properly at Rosewood.
   I have worked there with fine teachers: Ron Barter (the owner of Rosewood), Garrett Hack, and Adrian Ferrazzutti are all highly regarded woodworkers as well as excellent, patient, and thorough instructors. Safety is paramount at Rosewood, and all of the instructors emphasize the safe and proper way to do any job. They are also very willing to deal with the individual issues of each student. This is important, since we don't all have the same background.
   The Studio itself is very thoughtfully laid out, and also well-equipped. It is an environment where fine woodworking can really be done!
   I thank all of you there at Rosewood for all that I have learned, and I look forward to returning in the future.

London, ON




  Danielle Laplante ...  



  A big Thank You to everyone at The Rosewood Studio; I enjoyed every minute of my time there. I was looking for an introduction to woodworking so I enrolled in the The Basics of Fine Woodworking two week course. As a fellow student mentioned; Ron brings to life the story of wood and woodworking with all its quirky characters, making it’s complex plots easy to follow. For a beginner like me, it certainly did the trick and I am looking forward to the sequel. The wealth of knowledge and expertise, the space and tools available, as well as the atmosphere and small class size made my experience well worthwhile.


 Ottawa, ON





    Mike Bell...

 As a longtime fellow teacher of hand eye skills, I can make the valid assertion that Ron possesses a rare gift for simplifying and organizing technical knowledge and skills in order to teach excellence in the oft times capricious medium of woodworking. It's refreshing to know that you are in expert hands. Ron claims to have made more mistakes than anyone he has ever met. If so, he has learned from them, and manages to pass on his expertise in a fun and non-threatening way.

 I can't believe we covered so much in such a short time. It was like going to school, but with the most amazing, in the words of Garrett Hack, “fun factor”.

 I have emerged a much more capable, confident and far safer woodworker. There is such a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in these courses, with the benefit of no exam at the end!

 I am heading off to try out my newfound skills, and will certainly return to Rosewood as I try more complex projects.

 Thanks to Ron and Nick, for the gift of knowledge and a great sense of self-accomplishment.

-Mike Bell
Ottawa, ON



   Knud Lunde...

Even had I not come home with much improved woodworking skills - and a bag full of clever tricks for getting the best out of my woodworking machines - I would still be very happy with the six weeks I spent at Rosewood Studio. It was pure bliss working in this well equipped, well kept, and well tuned workshop. The enthusiastic welcome every morning from Cleo, the excellent instruction and observant supervision from Ron and Nick, the caring and friendly atmosphere among the students, made for memorable days. And Baker Bob’s of course, and the many other friendly places in Almonte. And Canada in the autumn.

 It turns out I did come home a better woodworker. I now feel confident that when I put chalk to a rough plank to mark out sides and aprons and legs and what have you, a piece of furniture will result of which I can be satisfied, even proud. Of course, for some years to come these will be simple pieces, but that’s part and parcel of the natural progression of craftsmanship. The subtle though constant focus on accuracy in the course, and on how to achieve accuracy with hand and machine tools using simple methods, promises that my furniture will come together nicely and square and with happy memories of Rosewood. Thank you Ron, and Nick, for so generously sharing your experience and knowledge.

-Knud Lunde
Hundvaag, Norway




John Nephew... 

 I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Garrett's course, it exceeded all my expectations. I've figured how to do the inlay and stringing for the legs and am now experimenting with banding for the cuffs.

 Also completed my first curved veneered door to go on a table/ cupboard I am building, Thanks Ron, your course was super too and dovetailed beautifully with Garrett's. In general I am so impressed with Rosewood now, and will be back at the first possible opportunity.

- John Nephew
 Orangeville, ON


   Dianne Looker...

 I think it was pretty clear while I was there that I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Rosewood. I had spent some time beforehand researching different options for the vacation time I was organizing to give myself a treat. Included in the options I considered were a week in Tuscany and a cruise up the west coast to Alaska. I opted for the two week "Design and Build with Garrett Hack" course at Rosewood Studios, and I didn't regret the decision for a minute. I learned an incredible amount, all the while having a grand time. What is more, I gained a new appreciation for the possibilities of working with wood using hand tools. I always knew a master craftsman like Garrett Hack could achieve results like that, with tight tolerances and amazing finishes. What I hadn't even conceived was that a hobbyist like me could do that - not to say I'm there yet, but I'm on my way!
        Garrett was only too happy to share both his love of woodworking and his skills with us all, regardless of our skill levels. I am the first to admit that mine was low - lower than any of us might have liked, at least where it came to experience with hand tools. However, at no point did he (or anyone else there) make me feel like I was a bother or nuisance or that I shouldn't be there. Everyone was willing to share and advise, so that we learned from each other.

 I was also pleased that I was never made to feel like an outsider because I was a woman. I was accepted and encouraged along with everyone else. Having experienced sexism in many guises in many settings, that in itself was refreshing and reassuring.

 I want to reiterate that I had a wonderful time. I have not stopped talking about it since being back, and I am already plotting when I can next afford the time and money to do another course.
  - Dianne Looker     
 Wolfville, Nova Scotia                               


Peter Murdock ...                                                        


   As a career criminal prosecutor, I’ve faced a bit of stress on occasion. I bought a piece of land on a beautiful lake and put up a great wooden tent. On weekends, holidays, etc., my family and I would try our hand at carpentry and it eventually became a cottage. While researching a matter at work I came across a woodworking magazine that said I could build a dining room table. I needed a dining room table, so I ordered every back issue, read them all and built the table. I was hooked.

 I continued building little projects and was quite content - for a while. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I’d heard nothing but good things about Rosewood Studio, so with some trepidation, I took the plunge and signed up for classes. It was one of the best decisions I've made. I thought I knew how to sharpen and use a plane, and that my joinery, like my furniture, was good enough. I didn’t know what I thought I did. My joinery, like my furniture, was good enough, but Rosewood taught me that “good enough”, wasn't. I learned to take my time and try to make things as close to perfect as possible.

 I thoroughly enjoyed everything about attending the school, from the town, the workshop, the instructors, the methods - in short, all of it. I initially took two weeks, then two more, and I am coming back for more this fall. I would recommend Rosewood Studio to anyone interested in seriously improving their skills and enjoying their passion for furniture making.

- Peter Murdock, 
 Winnipeg, MB 

  Don Spry...                                
      I’m always amazed when I complete a course a Rosewood Studio that not only have I learned the skills listed in the course brochure, but also tips and tricks too numerous to mention. The days are well planned out and materials are prepared, except when material prep is part of the instruction. Despite a curriculum that is jam packed, Rosewood always has extra instructors around to make sure there is someone available who can help me with my specific problems or just answer any general questions I may have. The experienced instructors are able to provide a technique that works best for me and makes my finished product better and my woodworking process more efficient.

 The shop space is enviable as well. It is well lit, with lots of space around the benches and a wide variety of top of the line hand and machine tools for student use. On more than one occasion my tool purchase decisions have been swayed after getting a chance to try the different brands or models of tools at Rosewood. The facilities overlooking the Mississippi River in Almonte make attending a course at Rosewood a joy in all seasons.

 Please keep up the good work; I look forward my next visit.

- Don Spy
 Carp, Ontario

  Roch Laviolette...
         After retiring, I decided to take up woodworking has a hobby. Not having worked with wood before, I enrolled in beginner courses at Rosewood Studio, guided by my philosophy that the right way is the only way. And that's exactly what I learned at Rosewood Studio. The right way for me to do everything from sharpening, to cutting dovetails, to designing a piece of furniture and executing each stage to completion.

 I return often to take courses provided by some of the best furniture makers and instructors in Canada and the U.S., guys like Michael Fortune, Adrian Ferrazzutti, Garrett Hack and more. The facilities and teachers at Rosewood are excellent. The instructors go out of their way to assure that you understand and can apply the techniques they demonstrate, so that you can achieve the same results when you get home.
     In 5 years, I've gone from no knowledge of woodworking to being able to design and make a piece of furniture with good lines and proportions, strong and accurate joinery and a finish appropriate for it's intended use. I love it.

 -Roch Laviolette
 Westport, Ontario

  Stan Le Ber...                              
 I just wanted to drop you a note to express my appreciation for the two weeks I just spent at Rosewood and the opportunity to learn under Garrett Hack and yourself. It was a very supportive environment that was a pleasure to work in.

 I especially appreciate the manner in which I was encouraged to challenge myself and take my skills to a higher level. I now have the confidence and the skills to finish the project I started and will send you a picture when I am done.

 I look forward to returning to Rosewood for another course.

- Stan Le Ber
London, Ontario

  Jim Sinclair...                               
      I have enjoyed woodworking as a hobby for many years, but I was never satisfied that my self- taught skills were allowing me to do the best I could. Then a friend told me about Rosewood Studio.    
           Over the last few years I have completed all but one of the craftsman series of courses, plus several courses with guest instructors. Time at Rosewood is always enjoyable. Every instructor I have had has been knowledgeable and friendly. My time at Rosewood has given me confidence, taught me skills with both hand tools and power tools, taught me what procedures are safe, what are not, and why. Rosewood has not only made me a better woodworker, it has given me the opportunity to develop a sense of wonder and enjoyment as I work with the steps of building a piece, all the way from the concept, through design, construction and finishing.

 All the pieces I do now are my own design. I find that the joy comes not only from the time at Rosewood, but afterward at home in my own shop when I am working away and I notice simple things like the fact that I know I can get a beautiful smooth surface ready for finishing with a hand plane, or that I now instinctively reach for the correct hand tool for the job at hand.
        I keep returning to Rosewood. With every new class there is an opportunity to share the experience with other woodworkers and the chance to make new friends. The Rosewood staff care about my progress as a woodworker and continue to challenge and encourage me to grow and improve my woodworking skills with each visit.

 I thoroughly enjoy my time at Rosewood, and recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their woodworking skills.

- Jim Sinclair
 Ottawa, Ontario


Dennis Martin..                            

      My name is Dennis Martin. I live on the North shore of Nova Scotia just outside of the town of New Glasgow. I first became aware of Rosewood Studio at a Woodworking Show in Halifax about six years ago. From that meeting I enrolled in their six week Craftsman program. Over the past number of years I have completed the five of the six programs with the last scheduled this October 2008.

 As a retired Engineer the challenge of learning a new skill from the ground up very much appealed to me. I have always enjoyed working with wood but never had any formal instructions on using hand or shop tools. 
      At Rosewood I have learned what shop tools are necessary, how to tune them to work properly and where they should be placed in the workshop. I have reached a fair level of confidence in sharpening and using hand tools like planes, chisels and scrapers. I have made and use my own wood planes. With the instructions in basic joinery and bending I have been able to complete a number of pieces of furniture that otherwise I would never have been able to attempt before.

 I look forward to my visits to Rosewood to learn new skills, meet and talk with other woodworkers and to discuss new ideas and problems I come across at home.

 The shop at Rosewood is very well equipped and I found the instructors made every effort to insure that everyone got full benefit from the various programs. To me the programs are set up in such a way as to allow me to progress gradually while at the same time presenting a challenge to reach excellence in fine woodworking.

- Dennis Martin
Trenton, Nova Scotia




Real Fortin...                                      



 Rosewood has opened up for me a new path of discovery and self confidence. I now know that with the training I’ve received to date and the future courses I will be attending, I can create furniture that will stand the test of time for generations to come. Ron, you have been able to create an environment of creativity supported with superb craftsmanship training. The school is gorgeous and a pleasure to be at, the instructors you bring in are at the top of the industry and a real joy to be with.

 Thank you very much and looking forward to see you this fall.


  - Réal Fortin,
Sudbury, Ontario                                       



Steve Der-Garabedian...

 I'm proud to be alumni of Rosewood Studio. In my many weeks at the school I have been given many skills but beyond that I have been given the confidence to try things I have not yet learned. As variety is the spice of life, the input different instructors has added a new dimension to my style of woodworking. It has been a great place to forge new friendships and to push my passion of woodworking to new levels. I look forward to my next visit, as I know each time has been better than one before. Thank you.

Steve at work at Rosewood

Karel Aelterman...

 I have always been impressed by people who have been doing woodworking since they were kids. I thought that this was the way it ought to be if you wanted to become a talented, successful cabinetmaker. I didn’t discover woodworking myself, however, until I moved to Canada in my early thirties. This paradigm kept me from developing a career as a furniture maker for quite some time. But the desire to become a cabinetmaker did not go away. As time went by, it was becoming more evident that enhancing the inherent beauty of wood was very fulfilling for me.

 In 2003, I realized the time had come for me to face some of those old fears. In November of the same year I made a wonderful discovery at the Ottawa Woodshow: the Rosewood Studio. I was delighted to find out that there was such a great teaching facility right next door (being from the area).

 I decided to take some time off at work and registered for the 12-week artisan program. I thought that this program had the potential of offering everything I needed to kick start a new career. And indeed it did! On top of the fine woodworking education, the course gave me confidence in the fact that I am able to accomplish fine work. It also provided me with the necessary knowledge to shop around for the right tools for my future home shop.

 Great school, great teachers, great environment!

- Karel Aelterman
Gatineau, Québec