Exquisite Boxes

Tuition: $1,225 Can
Materials Fee: $185 (includes substrates, veneers, Brusso quadrant hinges and lock sets
Please see our Calendar for dates and note this class runs six days, Monday to Saturday

During this 6 day course students will be exposed to a whirlwind of techniques involved in the building of a small decorative veneered box. The overall construction details will be the same for all students, with wood choices and dimensions being left up to the individual, though it is highly recommended that the dimensions not exceed 5”x10”x10”. Based on a style of box that Adrian Ferrazzutti has developed to be relatively simple to make, each student will learn exacting skills both at machines and the workbench. All this, and just in time for Christmas gift giving!

Students will begin each day with a brief lecture followed by a full day spent working on their boxes. Throughout the day Adrian will discuss and/or demonstrate:

· considerations for selecting wood and combining woods to achieve a tasteful outcome
· sawing and working with veneers to make panels specifically for this project
· the joinery involved, using only a table saw and a router table
· applying decorative and protective cornering and inlaying of wood, metal and mother of pearl
· cutting the box in two on the table saw to form a bottom and a lid
· installing quadrant hinges and locks as well as a discussion of finishing

The small size of this project makes it a great opportunity to work with some unfamiliar or exotic wood species. This project is very detail oriented and involves a great deal of delicate work, so sharpen your favorite tools, clear your head and be prepared to dive right in.